Discover the secrets of the Inca culture on a luxury vacation to its fortresses and sacred temples. Live native rituals and experience an outstanding once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

One of the most memorable and strongest empires that has lived in South America, their homebase were the fabulous ruins of Machu Picchu, then they expanded through the North and South dominating part of the actual Ecuador, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina and Colombia forming the empire of the Tahuantinsuyo.


Visit Peru, follow the steps of the Incas and its history before the Spanish conquest and be part of the most famous stories of South America.


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Explore ancient places such as Machu Picchu mountain, Sacred Valley, Rainbow Mountain and much more.

The variety of its menu has resulted due to the mestizaje that the country received with the pass of time while foreigners arrived to Puerto del Callao. Nowadays you can taste a fusion between african, chinese, japanese spanish and italian dishes, constantly awarded for the most important chefs of the industry.


Take a change of traditional meals and delight new textures, colors and flavors that can be found only in Peru while discovering the country.


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The best restaurants on every place you are.

Ranked as the second country with major diversity of birds in the world and main source for the origin of the millenary Amazon River, Peru has been privileged with a big extension of rainforest where guests can explore and be part of the path that Francisco de Orellana followed during the discovery of this representative region, home of many tribus contacted and non-contacted.


Visit this exotic region, refresh your energy and take the spirit of the jungle with you.


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Cruise through the river while discovering the amazon rainforest for 4, 5 or 8 days.

Relax and Spa in luxury lodges.

Discover the biggest animals that live in the jungle, such as anacondas, caimans, pink dolphins, and much more.

Its many festivals, rituals and actual ways of life remain from pre-columbian time. From traditional clothing to popular folk art expressions, belief systems to ways of working and even cooking, Peru is full of customs that maintain the legacy of its ancient cultures.


Enjoy the country and its many treasures in a life changing experience.


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