Get ready to stand around magnificent mountains and nature. Let a beautiful sense of greatness surround you on a luxury experience as you learn about ecuadorian culture and history.

100 million years ago, as an effect of the movement of tectonic plates, great energy accumulated in the interior of the planet unleashing earthquakes and volcanic eruptions all along the American continent. This catastrophe favored Ecuador, shaping some of the most magnificent and highest volcanoes in the world.


Improve your skills with volcanoes ranging from 10,397fasl. (3,169msnm.) for easy hikes and up to 20,564fasl. (6,268msnm.) for demanding climbings, backed up by our expert guides that will support and assist you during all the excursion.


Activity options

Climbing the highest mountains: Cayambe, Cotopaxi, Chimborazo, Antisana and more.

Horseback riding with the Chagras, chose your adventure from 1 to 5 days exploring the best of the Andes.

Hikes and walks, discover waterfalls and spot exotic flora and fauna in the cloud forest.

The prodigious location of Ecuador in the equatorial line besides the different ecosystems formed due to the avenue of the volcanoes, allowed fauna to migrate and adjust to the ideal conditions on a new habitat. This fact plus the 365 days of stable weather that Ecuador has, caused that nowadays the amazon region can be considered as a mega biodiverse  ecosystem scattered all around the rainforest.


Immerse yourself into this natural paradise and discover a hidden world that only few have visited, share with local people and be part of their cosmovision, get lost in this life changing experience.



Activity options

Cruise through the river while discovering the amazon rainforest for 4, 5 or 8 days.

Relax and Spa in luxury lodges.

Live with the locals in the Cuyabeno Reserve or Yasuni National Park

Discover the biggest animals that live in the jungle, such as anacondas, caimans, pink dolphins, and much more.


Ecuador is a privileged hotspot, considered as a location with high biodiversity that presents exceptional levels of endemism in a limited area. With an extension of only 109,483mi² (283,560 km²) you can watch up to 17% of the total birds in the world (more than 1,618 different species).


If you are a bird watching lover, Ecuador is the perfect place for you. Take your blog of notes, camera and guide to register as many birds as possible during a fantastic experience in this mega biodiverse country.


Activity options

Explore the amazing cloud forest in the most luxurious lodge of Ecuador.

Prepare your cameras and spot as many birds as possible.

Discover areas such as the cloud forest, the paramus, choco region, and more.

Through the history of Ecuador since the beginning, many facts has affected not only its exotic diversity of fauna and flora, but also the cultural diversity. Nowadays you can find up to 25 different ethnical groups, with 13 native languages, that present different traditions, festivities and geographical locations.


Be part of this and share with the locals a day of their normal living, that in spite of having their native language they also speak Spanish and some of them also speak English, guaranteeing a real cultural experience.


Activity options

Shamanism, rituals and more while exploring the country.

Live with the locals, Ecuador is a country with up to 45 ethnic groups with different traditions, festivities and worldview.

Explore the heritage of the country, its churches, the hardest train to be build, unique flora shows and more.

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